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Try something new this Valentines’ Day


lavender-bouquetWith Valentines’ Day just around the corner we thought, here at Inspirations Florist, that we would give you some ideas to help surprise your loved one this year.

It’s a shame that some people think sending flowers is cliché. Some men even think that sending flowers is an easy ‘get out of jail free card’, so try and avoid it on Valentines’ day. But let me tell you – as a man that has delivered many flowers to many people on many occasions, nothing ‘says it’ like flowers. The way a woman’s eyes light up the day she receives this gift is like nothing else. Forget your romantic meal, chocolates or car; flowers are ‘the way’ to a woman’s heart! Period.


Surprising with a bouquet

So where are the men going wrong? A woman who has been gifted flowers experiences a warm fuzzy emotion but the very surprise of receiving them makes the feeling even more special. However, if you do not put in much thought to your floral gift, your plan is unlikely to have a magical effect on the recipient. That’s right; these days we need to go a step further, and think of new exciting ways to surprise our loved ones with one of our beautiful bouquets. So here are a few simple ideas that will make all the difference.

1. The old, faithful “Oh! I forgot it was Valentines’!

That’s right; putting doubt in their mind really adds to the surprise of the flowers. These days, one, that we find a lot of men doing that works, is to have the flowers delivered at the end of the day with a card saying something as simple as “… as if i would forget!“. We can deliver flowers as late as 6pm, so why not wait until the day is over? Return home from work before your order arrives so you can see her face.

Flowers and happiness

2. Deliver the flowers to work

Yes, women love being the centre of attention, and what better way to do it than with a bunch of flowers at work? Not many men do this; but the ones that do will be watching football that night! Some even add chocolates to their order just so their loved one can share with their colleagues rubbing it in their faces that they are loved.

3. Use thy neighbour!

Only one person we know has used this technique before but when it happened, I wished I had thought of it earlier. Deliver your order to a friendly neighbour and pick them up later in the evening. This young gentleman made his partner dinner, got her favourite film on the go, and when he said he was going to get the dessert he brought out the flowers. He said the look on her face was better than when he proposed to her!

So why not try one of these tips and let us know how it goes. And yes, we’re more than eager to design or execute any special V-Day floral surprises that you might have in mind for your special someone; all you need to do is drop by our store and talk to Hannah or me.

Have a happy Valentines’ and remember: The element of surprise is the way to a girl’s heart.

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