Size Matters – Tall Flowers And What To Do With Them


Orchid and Pot by Inspirations Florist

Orchid and Pot by Inspirations Florist

When arranging flowers for your home, or when buying a bouquet as a gift for someone else, it is easy to shy away from taller or long-stemmed flowers. Their added height makes them both impressive and rather intimidating, it is hard to know how to incorporate them into a bouquet easily without cutting them down or letting them overshadow the other blooms in the arrangement. We often limit ourselves to a few tall flowers of the same variety in a beautifully crafted tall vase as a singular attraction on a mantelpiece, however, although effective, eye catching and one of the most aesthetically pleasing way to organise tall flowers, this is not the only way to use them to great effect.

oct-09-web-copy-white-tall-The first way to use tall flowers in an arrangement or bouquet is to make them the focal point of the blooms. By this, I do not mean overshadowing the other flowers in any such way, but purely using their natural height to highlight their difference and let them effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

By choosing green foliage or leaves of some sort, the colour of the tall flower will all pop against the green leaves creating a beautifully eye-catching contrast, be it tall perennials, a sunflower, or an orchid. This works with leaves but can also work with shorter “filler flowers” such as Pussywillow or perhaps some Baby’s Breath. These soft, full-bodied blooms will nicely be distinguished with a sharp, tall stem but by using a complimenting colour, and the contrast will not be too much or too cluttered for the eye.



The second way to use tall flowers is, as mentioned earlier, to segregate them from shorter flowers or even flowers of any other variety, creating a very simple and minimalistic arrangement. This can be from a singular stem in a long vase, to three or four of the same flowers together. This simplicity, depending on your choice of vase and choice of flower, can work anywhere; a single sunflower in a tall glass vase can be placed on the granite mantelpiece of a chic, modern apartment, and look just as perfect as if it were placed on the windowsill of a country cottage. However, with this look, one has to be sure that mantelpiece and windowsill are large enough, and of a style that can compensate for these overwhelmingly tall flowers.


Lastly, I think the most aesthetically pleasing way to organise tall flowers is to work asymmetrically. By placing tall stems in the centre of an arrangement and working your way down – height-wise – around this, you create a softer and more full-bodied bouquet that is not so striking as to take focus away from your home. By using colours that all complement each other, as not to clutter the vase and just a few accents (perhaps including the tall stem itself), then an overall softness will exude from the arrangement which is perfect to warm any cold space in your home. As a gift, this also provides a thoughtfulness when handing it over; as an arrangement like this will work in almost any home and the range of colours to choose means that you can personalise each bouquet.

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