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Some joys in the world are unparalleled. The child in you chasing butterflies hovering around bright flowers; her teary-eyed ‘yes’ when you present her with a ring and beautifully arranged roses; the ripples in your heart as you watch your bouquets and baskets transform a stuffy function room into your perfect wedding scene; the glee on your grandma’s face as you present her with a beautiful, personalised flower basket. Flowers have the wonderful ability to evoke strong and passionate feelings, and making our memories more memorable! It is these feelings we are lucky enough to experience every single day at Inspirations Florist!


Surprising with a bouquet

Flowers hold personal meanings for us. Everyone knows that surprising her with a bunch of her favourite flowers (and some loving words) can lift her mood and help you both forget your little fights. We also lay flowers on the tombs of our beloved ones as a symbol of love and respect. Sometimes, these little flowers unwittingly help us connect to some long forgotten incident, and foster feelings that make us innately human. Where this power comes from is still a great mystery in art and science! We just know it must involve three important senses:

  • Sight – the intricate formations within flowers can be mesmerising, and their bright colours have the power to bring warmth into every room they sit in.
  • Smell – nature’s most enticing fragrances are to be within plants and flowers; their sweet scents fill the air with happiness.
  • Touch – their sensual softness against our cheeks, and their crisp freshness between our fingers are one of the simplest but greatest pleasures in life.

A little girl gifting flowers to her grandmother

It is this inspiration that informs this blog. We will talk about the flowers that we find enhance certain feelings, and let you in on the secrets of what inspires us at Inspirations Florist. We’ll keep you informed about seasonal blooms, and hopefully inspire you with DIY flower ideas that will bring out the artist in you. On Inspirations Florist’s blog, our readers are our biggest inspirations. We would love to hear about your own stories involving flowers, and the feelings they evoke.
A warm welcome from Inspirations Florist!

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