An Orchid for Any Occasion


Pink OrchidThere are very few flowers which are seen to represent such a wide range of ideas as an Orchid. No time of year or special occasion can disconnected a red Rose from the notion of love, passion or romance, and very rarely do we associate white flowers – be it Lilies or Chrysanthemums – with anything but the concepts of peace and purity; making them the traditional flowers of mourning in many countries. However, the Orchid is a different flower in that respect: its individuality can cross these symbolic boundaries where we refuse to pair it with any one notion. Almost paradoxically, it is the uniqueness of the flower which means that it can create a varied range of feelings and emotions in someone. Its exclusivity makes it one of the most inclusive flowers of them all.

Orchids can be given on most every occasion. They may not hold the same symbolic value for love as a red Rose does, but often the appreciation for an Orchid on Valentines Day is no different. Orchids are often seen to signify love in a different sense. In particular, the Chinese use them to symbolise the concept of ‘many children’. This idea of love can be shown through an Orchid used as a gift for Mothers Day, or on an anniversary (a 28th anniversary specifically) to signify the longevity of a marriage, and love of family. This long-lasting love that the Orchid has come to be associated with also compliments the fact that as a flower, the Orchid tends to have a longer lifespan than most; creating a very thoughtful and lasting gift.

OrchidAnother word which is often associated with the Orchid is perfection. Its unique and intricate shape – with many flowers on a single, elongated stem – means that it is rarely sold in bunches, or incorporated into bouquets like so many other types of flower. This stand-out feature of the Orchid screams that it does not need an ornate background of contributing beauty to exhibit perfection; it is perfect on its own. Now that is one very powerful message to send to someone – showing why the Orchid is often praised for its regal nature and elegant simplicity. It is also a message that does not necessarily need to be sent to someone who is a romantic interest – indeed, I think most of us would appreciate being called perfect by pretty much anyone.

So when you are stuck for what to say, or how to say it to a person you love dearly, a beautiful Orchid like this from Inspirations Florist sends the perfect message.

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