What’s Inspiring Inspirations This Month: October 2013


Halloween Bouquet

Custom made Autumn Bouquet

Here at Inspirations Florist we pride ourselves on the fact that our flowers and arrangements move with the seasons. This doesn’t just mean that the blooms we use are naturally in flower at any given point in the year, but that our arrangements echo the time of year in their shapes and colours. Many of our customers ask us what sort of things inspire us through the year, so we thought we’d tell you exactly what the important events are for us each month, and how the time of year is changing the way we use flowers.

It being October, there’s obviously no doubt as to the big, important event that everyone has got their eyes on: Halloween! Though for some, the idea of having flowers for Halloween is a new concept, for many, a great display of fresh flowers showing off all the best of autumnal colours and Halloween spookiness is an integral part of their celebrations.


Physalis Alkekengi

So, what makes a Halloween bouquet here at Inspirations? Well, we’re big fans of all the colours you can see out the window at this time of year, as the trees turn from their triumphant summer greens, into glorious shades or reds, oranges and browns. Our aim is simple: work with nature. What this means is simply that we take the colours from outside and bring them into our designs.

One of the most popular components of many of our arrangements at this time of year are Physalis Alkekengi, known by many as Chinese lanterns. These fantastic berries appear as little orange balls on a stem, surrounded by a paper-like leaf covering (which gives them their nickname). We love popping these into our Halloween designs, not just because they fit perfectly into the colours of the seasons, but because the berries also kind of look like mini pumpkins, meaning that they can really help tie the bouquet into other Halloween decorations!

Orange Rose

Orange Rose

In terms of flowers, we find that one of the most popular blooms at this time of year is the Orange Rose. This wonderful little flower encapsulates many of the colours of Autumn all onto one stem, with the petals fading from deep, almost red oranges to light, nutty yellows. They’re great on they eye, and can really help bring cohesion to an arrangement.

As always, flowers can find an important companion in leaves. Throughout Autumn, we like taking the opportunity to incorporate reddish Oak Leafs into our designs, as they have a unique and intangible quality to them, which effortlessly conveys the feeling of the season. If we want to Halloween up a bouquet, the addition of Monsterblad is a popular choice; not only sounds scary but looks like something out of Dracula’s garden, and finds its home perfectly within Halloween displays.

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

To infuse our bouquets with an extra fear factor, we like to pop little surprises in amongst the flowers; our favourite of these is definitely sticking in a little spider or two with some cobwebs. Of course, it’s a delicate balance to ensure that the bouquet doesn’t end up looking silly, but if you get the flowers right, and don’t over-do the decorations, this technique can work really well, and looks great!

October has been a really enjoyable for us; not only has the change in season brought a brand new colour palette into play, but it has also given us the chance to be really creative with bringing some spooky Halloween fun into our stores. As we move into November, we’re going to start thinking about another load of festivities – that’s right, it may still be over 2 months away, but we’ve spied Christmas on the horizon, and we’re plotting a course straight for it. We’ve got a lot of plans afoot as the year draws to a close, so keep checking back here for updates on goings on here at Inspirations.

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