What’s Inspiring Inspirations This Month: November 2013


photo 3All through last month our shops were dedicated to Halloween, we had spooky flowers and Autumn colours, and it was great! This month, however, it’s time to start thinking about what lies ahead this year, and that includes Christmas!

photo 1Some people are a bit funny about starting to think about Christmas in November, but we can’t wait to start feeling festive. Though winter plants are important, most important for getting into the Christmas feel is to make sure the shop is decorated properly to get us and all our customers into the mood to celebrate. We’ve got baubles, foliage and lights galore adorning every free surface of the store. It’s a lot of fun getting all the decorations up, and it’s nice to know that it’ll add a bit of Christmas sparkle to every customer’s visit.

It’s not just our decorations which are important to us, though, but our customers’ too, which is why we’re already taking orders for garlands and wreaths which will make the perfect decorations for your house at Christmas. Of course everyone likes to style their decorations to their individual needs, so if you visit us in one of our shops, or give us a ring, we can help to design wreaths and garlands which fit perfectly with the rest of your decorations.

In terms of plants, everything has taken on a rather more Wintery look. For complementing your other floral decorations, we have in stock potted plants like Stephanotis – the leathery deep green leaves, and white buds and flowers of which work really well with the seasonal palette – and a few different small Succulenten which have become inextricably linked with this time of year.

photo 2Now that the weather is getting cold, lush flowering plants seem a little out of place in our bouquets, which is why they have started to be supplanted by berries and leaves which are far more fitting for winter. The browny oranges of October have given way to redder hues, which vary from the deeper oranges, to far more scarlet tones.

Red berries peeping out from behind dense green can only mean one thing: Christmas really is fast approaching. To get your ultimate red and green fix, look out for the Amaryllises which will be appearing over the next month, along with lots more things to help get you into a really festive mood.

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