Summer flowers for you – warm pastels, cool colours & contrasting hues


Summery yellows in the Inspirations bouquet

Summery yellows in the Inspirations bouquet

What are you wearing this summer? Your summer wardrobe might be loaded with perky whites, soft beiges, and warm pastel shades – all in lightweight breathable fabrics. Well, we love these summer colours and textures in our flowers too. This year, we here at Inspirations have been busy putting together some wonderful arrangements, perfectly styled to help keep the magic of summer alive for as long as possible. If pastels aren’t just your thing, we’ve got some cooler summery shades for you as well!

Country Style Basket

Vivacious Country Style Basket By Inspirations

The association between pastel and white flowers and summer has proved an enduring one, so why buck the trend this summer? To start with, we’re inspired by the frequent pop of a cool colour (i.e. the blues, purples and violets) in this season’s flowers. To us, the aesthetics of this arrangement seem as if we’ve captured the summer horizon all in one basket. The blues of the clear skies, the yellows and oranges of the blazing, warm summer sun, and the green leaves of the earth below.


Blue, yellow and white combination is attractive

Gifting a personalised bunch of flowers to a loved one is a loving gesture that will see you basking in the warm glow of their appreciation! All you need to do is walk in our store, and tell us your requirements. We make bespoke bouquets, and can help you pick from our wide selection of freshly picked flowers.

Visually appealing yellow over violet

Visually appealing yellow over violet

Another inspiration for this summer are these beautiful matchings of bright yellows and blues. On the right you can see a charming juxtaposition of excited yellows with an array of dark violet hues. These colours really capture the imagination, drawing your eye in, and emboldening the yellows against the darker background! These summery colours swell the lungs, and carry with them an inspiring sense of determination; yellows shining against the dark, and blues conveying strength.

A summer bouquet

A summer bouquet

The gender-neutral colours of white, blue, violet, bright yellows, and reds can be perfect for creating gift bouquets during the summer months. This combination of colours brings the brightness of the season to life, without being so warm as to become stifling.

Whatever colour combination says ‘Summer‘ to you, we can create it here at Inspirations. Summer is an amazing season, and it is especially great for flowers – take advantage of this by popping in and seeing the incredible selection of summer blooms we have available.


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