Hanging Out With Some New Floral Ideas


wired-cow-001We use flowers as decorations around our homes every single day; be it a table centrepiece, bouquets specifically for the festive months, or just to brighten up our windowsill. As well as inside our homes, many of us like to adorn the outside of our properties as well. In a society where first impressions often mean everything, the aesthetics of the outside of one’s home is very important. There are many different ways that this decorative impact can be achieved; manicured lawns and hedges, carefully designed flower beds, but also floral arrangements that have the sole purpose of accessorising a house, such as window boxes and hanging baskets.


The concept of hanging baskets brings to mind a large wrap-around porch, a white-picket fence, a view onto large, green, rolling hills with a clear blue sky above, and a gentle breeze across your face. For most of us of course, this is just a dream, and we will have to content ourselves with a singular, simple basket hanging above our door frame as we go in and out of the house – but that does not mean that this one basket cannot create an element of this same, tranquil effect. In fact, often, well-placed baskets (be them minimal in number) often give a more sophisticated look to the house, rather than too many, which can sometimes overcrowd. Like anything to do with flower arranging, however, you have to understand what you have to work withplacement is everything. Hanging baskets often look good under the arch of a doorway, or symmetrically on either side – your GCSE maths and geometry will become an important factor when deciding where to put your baskets. Evenly spacing them around the outside of the house, and especially around a focal point like a door or window, is especially pleasing to the eye. When it comes to what to fill these baskets with, a similar sense of what works for your house is also important – Inspirations Florist has a few simple pointers.

If you are a busy bee, and don’t have time for the upkeep of your hanging baskets, but still want the decoration, try to stay away from plants that need a lot of watering, and maybe choose to arrange a basket full of succulents that can survive on their own for quite a while. There are some deep reds and purples that come in the succulent variety so it need not be a monochrome green basket either.

ferns-on-back-porch1If you are willing to spend time looking after your baskets, however, then this opens up a much wider variety of styles.

  • Try to keep the flowers in each basket within the same harmony of colours, and if you are using two baskets symmetrically to reflect each other, then plant them either identically or at least with similar colours to match each other. If you are using an odd number of baskets, then you can, again, plant each identically or maybe use contrasting colours for the basket in the centre, or maybe a different type of flower.
  • In terms of the variety of flowers to use, the world is pretty much your oyster. Using soft textures with small flowers like a Bacopa or Swan River Daisy to drip beautifully over the sides of the basket creates a paradoxically wild but manicured style that contrasts nicely with your standard suburban home; bringing the wilderness to your front steps.
  • A classic style, small flowers like Impatiens in different colours can be used to create a pretty ornament to your home. Whereas, a designer basket filled with exotic plants and vivid colours provides a focal point that stands out rather than submissively complimenting a doorway – however, it is important not to overload your house with baskets like these, as it can often look cluttered!

It is important to work with your home, and not to contrast too heavily with what you have. Decide on the impression you want to give and work within that concept but don’t be afraid to push the boat out a bit with some more eccentric plants – at the least, it will give you and your guests something to talk about!

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