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Flowers at Inspirations come in all styles and designs. Which is right for you?

Flowers at Inspirations come in all styles and designs. Which is right for you?

Since the time in which we began giving and receiving flowers as gifts, we also pondered the importance of the flower in terms of its complementary and decorative appeal. Flowers have been used as decorations in all aspects of life, and a recent demonstration of this is the fast growing use of flowers as personal accessories. In this respect, flowers have traditionally been used solely for special occasions such as weddings bouquets, corsages, buttonholes, and even adorning hats or other headwear for formal events.

However, the rise of ‘festival fashion’ and ‘spring/summer chic’ has given flowers more of a prominent place in our hot weather wardrobe. It has also shown the appeal of the flower as a decorative item; complementary to the rest of an outfit, or in keeping with a certain theme at special occasions. There has been a shift, therefore, in the way we select flowers; where we might once have chosen flowers for occasions based on what they represent, we now select them for the accessorising possibilities of what they will ‘go with’.

Cream Roses in Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquet With Cream Roses By Inspirations

Say a wedding is being held with accents of cream making up the colour palette – the bride might search for a bouquet to match, with colour being of utmost importance. This shows that the meaning of the flower is not necessarily the most important aspect anymore, but its presence aesthetically as a part of a bigger picture is of greater significance.
This aesthetic significance is not isolated to an individual level at special occasions but has – through the rise of ‘catalogue ideals’ – infiltrated our everyday home life. Gone are the days where flowers would be brought out solely as a centrepiece for dinner parties and visiting relatives; now we are expected to live in homes like those captured in the pages of lifestyle magazines.

A vital part of this ‘ideal’ is the presence of fresh blooms, designed to bring the outside in, wafting floral scents around your home – giving the feel of springtime all year round. Then the questions arise, however: what are these flowers to be, and where shall I put them? The answer to this is very dependent on your type of home; a city apartment and country cottage will be dressed to perfection by two completely different types of flower.

Country Style Basket

Vivacious Country Style Basket By Inspirations

A glass jug filled with wildflowers and greenery may look completely out of place on the mantelpiece of a chic, electric fireplace, but would sit wonderfully on the windowsill above a butler sink looking out over fields of golden yellow rapeseed. The same comparison can be made with an elegant vase of white roses or lilies: as the centrepiece of a large wood-pine table in a quirky and cluttered kitchen it just wouldn’t work, but it is totally suitable in the simplicity of a monochrome, minimalist dining room.

The trick is to figure out what you are working with, and know what you want to create; a warm-toned ambiance in a family sitting room may call for orangey-red shades, or maybe the friendly effect of a sunflower or begonia. On the other hand, a statement-making tropical bouquet may be perfect for under a large, elaborate mirror – catching the eye of guests as soon as they arrive.

It is important to be aware of the significance of flowers – even when their individual meanings are not taken into consideration – and using this to your full advantage you can create a special, unique and personal environment which truly turns any house into your home.

Here at Inspirations Florist, we pride ourselves on being able to help you select exactly the right flowers for any occasion, space, or even outfit. Whether it’s purely the look of the flowers you choose that matters to you, or the traditional meanings behind the blooms, we can help you find exactly the right flowers for your needs.

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