A Trip To The Tropics Without Leaving Your Hometown


3456243097_ee556ca1e5_oTropical. To us at Inspirations Florist, the word ‘tropical’ brings to mind bright colours, a hazy heat wave, and the excitement of a potential adventure. The tropics are exotic – they are a culture that completely contrasts our own boring 9 to 5 lifestyles. They are where Canada goose Sale we want to go away on holiday, where we want go to explore the deepest darkest corners of the planet, and they are where we want to – after our inevitable mid-life crises – relocate to live a life of luxury in our retirement, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and fresh and fruitful scents, all under the glow of the setting sun.

Sadly, for most of us this concept will stay merely a want or desire, and never materialise in reality. We will have to settle with an exotic fortnight in Cornwall, or the Scottish highlands. However, although we may not be able to reach these tropical destinations by plane, train or sailboat, we can succeed in bringing a little bit of the equator to our own homes. Exotic plants and flowers have been used in homes, public spaces and on special occasions for years to give a sense of sophistication, elegance, and most importantly: the unusual. Tropical bouquets stand out as a table centrepiece more than many other arrangements because of their bright colours and vibrancy. They truly can transform a normal uninspiring room into a distant, sunshine paradise with just a few leaves and petals.

Tropical Arrangement by Inspirations Florist

Tropical Arrangement by Inspirations Florist

The types of exotic flower is extensive, each with their own unique shape, colour and smell. They are so different to traditional British flowers in this respect that they can’t help but catch your eye, and in that sense they are perfect to add energy and life into any space. The fact that they often have longer stems, again gives them this powerful characteristic; as large flowers create large bouquets, they are usually used in large spaces; not merely a small vase on the edge of an end table. The vibrancy of these flowers means that they usually compliment, not only larger spaces, but warm tones within a home, as many of the colours are reds, oranges, purples and pinks. However, the presence of these colours also means that they warm up cooler spaces they are placed in – the versatility of exotic bouquets is to be marvelled.

Each exotic flower, whether a Bird of Paradise, Asiatic Lily or Alstroemeria, has its own individual personality, and brings something different to a bouquet. Birds of Paradise sit on their long, simple stem rather high above the rest with an impressive purple mohawk crown. They truly bring any arrangement to life with their animalistic features and energetic, colourful shades. The Asiatic Lily brings a shape less foreign to us, but in sparkling warmer shades than any other lily born and bred in this country. This is true for the other forms of exotic flowers in the lily family; the Calla Lily and Orange Anthurium. Each with the signature elongated style and stigma, but the Calla with a beautifully pure, white teardrop shape, and the Anthurium with the deep blood orange shade.Calla Lily flower

Most tropical flowers can be paired with each other depending on their slight difference in colour, however many of them can be arranged separately with a few Galax or Ti Leaves and Bamboo-like Equisetum. Tropical leaves tend to be very unique within themselves, complimenting, but also adding something intrinsic to an arrangement. We try to pair the most beautiful flowers and leaves from around the world to help bring a little bit of the sights and smells from the equator into your home.

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